pottery microwave egg cooker

Microwave Egg cooker 101

We can cook the perfect poached egg in about 45 seconds (depending on micro power and how each of us likes our eggs). Often when traveling our egg cookers are packed as a priority in our carry on luggage so we can make a snack in hotel room microwave.


Cook an instant  “poached ”  egg in your microwave!

No oil or water  needed. Just crack the egg in the base of your egg cooker , prick yolk, and cover with lid. Microwave for 45 seconds* at high power.

*Cooking time and power level can vary, experiment with times and power levels for your perfect egg.

Explore different additions for your perfect breakfast.

 Eggs Florentine: spinach and grated cheddar.

Fill pot with fresh baby spinach, microwave 30 seconds to soften/wilt the spinach. Gently add cracked egg on top of spinach, and prick yolk. then add  sliced or grated cheddar . Put lid on and cook following the regular cooking instructions.

Mexican: add salsa ,then egg, and top with jack cheese. cook on high 60 seconds.

Your Favorite: just  imagine and experiment.  If you have come up the a proven winner, please let me know and I’ll add your recipe to the list.

Note that for even cooking it is best to place your egg cooker near the outer ring of microwave turn plate. ( ie: not in middle ).

Also beware that occasionally the egg yolk will pop and displace the lid, you can add a folded piece of paper towel over the lid if your eggs tend to be “explosive”

 Bon appetite !